GolfPod... whole new way to play and travel with your clubs


GolfPod is the world's first hardshell golf travel case and cart bag combo. The U.S. patent pending product combines a variety of exceptional benefits including being compact, lightweight, durable, secure, waterproof, and highly maneuverable even for juniors, women, and senior golfers. The GolfPod can also be fitted directly to the roof rack on most motor vehicles for secure and lockable quick mount and quick release access.


GolfPod measures 49” high (1250mm) x 11” wide (280mm) x 11” deep (280mm). It weighs unloaded 12.3 lbs (5.6kg).  Fully loaded with golf clubs, balls, tees, umbrella, rain suit, shoes, water bottles, and sundry items, it weighs less than 50 lbs (23kg).
The GolfPod is available in a range of stylish colors and finishes, including the popular Executive Carbon Fiber finish and options for customization and inclusion of a golfer's personal identity, golf club or team.


Besides using the state of the art thermoformed Polycarbonate shells proven in the luggage industry over the past 20 years, which offers a virtually indestructible exterior, GolfPod is water-proof, contains a TSA-approved lock system, holds 18 liters or 64 cubic feet of equipment and accessory items in two accessible and easily visible compartments, which eliminate the need for multiple, separate, and difficult to access zipper pockets. Because of its compact size, GolfPod does not require being checked at the oversize luggage check-in counter nor retrieved at the oversize baggage area. Moreover, as another option for the golf traveler, the GolfPod may be shipped via FEDEX or UPS “as is”, typically saving time and money.


First shipments of GolfPod are scheduled for early Spring 2017. The product is manufactured in China with an MSRP of US$399.


Aeroe's experienced team of marketers and designers spent over three years analyzing the golf bag and golf travel case markets. The team determined that little, if nothing, had changed or been advanced in these markets for many years. Golfers were eager to eliminate a clumsy step in the journey from home to airport to golf course or just home to golf course. GolfPod provides a more sensible, simple to use alternative and is a more economical solution in the long-run.

With golf's governing bodies seeking ways to increase pace of play, the GolfPod in its own unique way with its mobility, visibility, and accessibility, contributes to this initiative. It reduces a stress level golfers have when traveling with their equipment as well as eliminating those annoying problems traditional golf bags can cause on the golf course.


Aeroe Limited is a design-led product innovation company specializing in creating, developing and marketing products for the sports and leisure-time sectors.
Its management has invented and successfully marketed among other products, the award-winning Freeload Bike Rack currently being sold globally by outdoor recreation and sports company, Thule of Sweden.


To complement the GolfPod, Aeroe designers have developed “The Link.” This accessory enables the GolfPod to be attached to the roof or tailgate of an automobile or on a powered cart or pushcart/trolley without the need for straps or bungee cords. It incorporates an easy to operate, patent pending rack with a unique snap connection and quick release mechanism. Use of the “The Link” connector racks will allow up to four GolfPods to be safely and securely mounted on the roof of most vehicles. The product will be available in Spring 2017 at a MSRP of US$139.


Pat Maguire is Founder, Director and CEO of Aeroe Limited. He combines over 35 years of experience as a designer, engineer, educator, inventor and entrepreneur. Most recently, he sold the IP rights of the Freeload Bike Rack system to Thule of Sweden and in 2013 founded Aeroe Sports Limited to create and commercialize the world's first hardshell golf bag/travel bag combo – the Aeroe GolfPod.

Mike Maguire is co-director of Aeroe. A former professional rugby player for teams in New Zealand and Europe, he has a Business degree in Finance and Economics from University of Otago (NZ). Prior to joining Aeroe at its inception in 2013, he had served as a director for companies KiwiJoe NZ Ltd., Freeload Limited and Freeload Golf Limited in addition to having completed a successful career in banking in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Campbell Booth is Design Director for the Company. A 1995 graduate of Otago Polytechnic (NZ), he spent nearly 20 years as a leader in the product design and development team for Fisher & Paykel Appliances whose household appliances have won numerous awards for functionality and excellence.

GolfPod in playing mode   (CLICK HERE TO SEE GOLFPOD VIDEO)

  • Fits neatly onto powered carts and push carts
  • Has easy access fold-out side compartments that present the balls, tees and accessories in a visible and organised way
  • Provides 18 litres of internal storage space for drinks, hats, sunscreen, snacks, wet weather gear and any other items required
  • Makes club access and replacement smooth and easy with 14 individual full length club silos;
  • Includes an individual umbrella well
  • Built-in alloy wheels make for easy manouverability loading and unloading
  • Tough thermoformed Polycarbonate hardshell protects your clubs and sheds water, keeping the bag and contents safe and dry

GolfPod in air-travel mode


  • Attaching the thermo-formed lockable cover, instantly converts the GolfPod into a fully enclosed and secure travel module
  • No need for an additional travelbag or case for your golfbag - the Aeroe GolfPod is two bags in one!
  • The cover is secured using TSA approved flat key locks for airline and customs friendly security and inspection
  • With a compact streamlined form, the GolfPod occupies approx 25% less volume than a standard Travel Bag
  • Integrated alloy wheels provide easy rolling manouverability in airports and while travelling
  • The tough, durable and highly protective hardshell skin protect your clubs from damage in transit
  • With its sleek and modern design, the GolfPod is a stylish item of travel luggage

GolfPod in road-travel mode

  • With its patent-pending snap attachment, using the Aeroe ‘Link’, the GolfPod is the world’s first vehicle mounted quick -release golfbag
  • The Aeroe ‘Link’ is a proprietary rack that connects the GolfPod to your vehicle  
  • The link is an anodized aluminium roof rack accessory, that has its own flat key locking system that secures the rack to the car, and a separate lock which secures the GolfPod to the Link rack
  • With its weatherproof, aerodynamic form, the GolfPod becomes a vehicle mounted sports accessory, freeing up valuable space inside the vehicle for people and gear
  • Up to four Golfpods may be roof-mounted side by side on standard car roof racks using the Aeroe ‘Link’ accessory racks
  • Ideal for golfers on a golf road tour or being able to carry clubs on the family holiday
  • Quick release and easy access to your clubs directly on and off your car roof at home and at the course
  • Flat key locks for maximum security, locking your clubs on the vehicle

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